Monday, February 25, 2008

goody goody gumdrops

Finally finished this canvas bag. (why am I always saying, "Finally did this/that"?) I always feel so accomplished when I sew anything now because I put that new sewing machine to good use. How often do I walk in my work room to see that poor sewing machine sitting there unused for weeks?

I was also able to use my new oversize printer for printing up this fabric. I'm no longer limited to 8.5" x 14"! At least this purchase came out of my crafting sales - so thank you very much to anyone who has ever purchased anything from me. That, also, is a great source of accomplishment - buying something with money made doing what I love. And there's not the guilt of - oh, I should have bought groceries with that money instead!

So, goody goody gumdrops! Am I back in the crafting groove again? Hopefully. Still tough keeping these two little boys entertained - but we might be getting into a routine here. I shouldn't say that and jinx it. Ah well, it's already out there. Nothing for me to do but work to make creative time a small part of everyday. Speaking of which...

I just read a wonderful little book by Kevin Carroll called Rules of the Red Rubber Ball: Find and Sustain Your Life's Work. It's so delightful just to look through - wonderful thoughts, graphics and pictures. But the message is inspiring too. All about figuring out what it is you were meant to do with your life and how whatever that is was probably something you became aware of as a child at play. Carroll then goes on to suggest rules for making that impulsive drive for whatever it is you think you're meant to do the very thing you do with your life. As anyone who's been reading this blog knows, I'm always in a constant battle of what I want to do versus what I think I ought to do. I want to make things. I should be an Architect. Rules of the Red Rubber Ball is inspiring to me because it almost seems to be saying that the hardest thing of all is figuring out what makes you happy. Once you figure that out, it's simply a matter of dedication, keeping your eyes and mind open, following your dream and letting others help you achieve you dream. It's nice to think it's as simple as that. Maybe it really is. What does this mean for me? I don't know. I'm not saying this delightful little book gave me any answers, but it certainly shed some light.

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Thimbleanna said...

Your bag is just adorable! How cool to have an oversized printer. I really feel your pain over doing what you want to do and what you think you should do. I've been doing what I think I should for so many years it makes me ill -- I'm sick of working and want to stay home and make stuff. Sadly, making stuff doesn't pay the bills, so unless I want to end-up in a storage shed eating cat food, I think I'll have to keep working!