Wednesday, February 27, 2008

green green green

Totally inspired by my shroom discovery.

Used to think I was a cold weather girl. Thought I'd love to live somewhere with lots of rain and snow and cold weather to keep me inside with nothing to do but knit and paint and bake. Noooooooo, Nooooo, No! (think Amy Winehouse and sing with me - They said I should move to Fargo, I said Noooooooo, Nooooo, No) Weather here is FINALLY back in the 70s. Rain is gone and the sun is out. I love being able to just putter out in the yard barefoot after breakfast. A little pruning and weeding, plant some flowers, tend to my seedlings. I need this warm weather. I feel so much better - more energy, positive thoughts, inspired by something as mundane as a mushroom. But one thing's for sure - all this rain has made everything so green. So for that, it's been worth it. I look out the window and green green green. The houses across the street that never have their yards watered look ten times better surrounded by green instead of brown scruff. Makes me think - we spend time trying to make our house and yard look nice, but what we mostly end up looking at are the houses across the street. Maybe I ought to go over there and offer to plant some flowers so we have something nice to look at.

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Thimbleanna said...

Those are some mighty cute mushrooms!