Tuesday, February 05, 2008

alright, Scarlett

I don't suppose anyone really reads what I write here - I must admit that I am usually a picture browser when I visit my favorite blogs. So this entry - picture less - might go unseen by most. But it's still been on my conscious, the fact that I haven't posted in SO LONG. So, here's this quick little stab at it and hopefully I'll get back on the posting wagon tomorrow. My life has just been turned upside down by the absence of my laptop. It was so much easier to whittle away at a post while fixing breakfast for the boys. Photos were so much easier to upload with the SD memory card slot than it is with the cable connected to this here desktop computer. I've been later than late with my bill pay and the husband has resorted to calling in the middle of the day since I don't answer e-mail inquires about how we're doing. But I'm holding off on getting a replacement laptop, because, like every other red-blooded American, we're nursing a holiday-spending hangover. To be honest, wasn't all the holiday to blame. Project Backyard just happened to come along right about holiday time - so in my mind that big expense just got snowballed right into all the other money-sucking shopping trips. It was worth it though. Love to wake up and look out the window at my beautiful palms and bamboo. Been listening to this thing I downloaded from iTunes called Ocean Waves and Tibetan Singing Bowls. Lovely. I listen to that, and look at my tropical plants sway in the wind and imagine our house is perched on a cliff above the ocean - maybe somewhere in Big Sur or Monterey? It totally works. I'm totally convinced that if I walked over to the fence I'd see the waves crashing on rocks down below. This is all a side-effect of reading Eat Pray Love. I'm all into discovering the power of meditation now. Well, guess I can rest easy tonight knowing I posted something. Not much, but something. We'll get those pics off the camera and give an update of the birthday party tomorrow. Oh, I'll just think about that tomorrow. Alright, Scarlett O'Hara - now go eat dinner.

P.S. If you're dieting now, like I am, DO NOT look at Alicia's post today for Coq Au Vin Rosettes. Just kill me now.

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