Friday, May 05, 2006

TAG! you're it!

I am so tickled pink this evening. Spent the day working on making tags for my pillows. It always pained me to see my pillows leaving without any sort of connection back to me. Let's say, for instance, that someone who bought one of my pillows had a tea party and at said tea party Madonna walked in and exclaimed, "That's a dashing pillow!" (because she does try to speak British, afterall) "Where on earth didja get it?" And my dear pillow-purchaser might only remember that they got it from this gal at some craft fair. But now...oh now...pillows will have tags that shout, "Get more of me at blahblahblah dot blah blah dot com!" I followed this WONDERFUL tutorial from

(poor picture quality - I usually take advantage of daylight, but it's dark now)

Pictures of new pillow tomorrow when the light is better!

On that note, I've often thought to myself (as I am laboring over a project in hopes that someone will appreciate all my fine handiwork), who would I fancy the most taking home one of my creations? I used Madonna as an example because I always used to think of her as such an interesting artist when I was younger. Artist in the sense of how she's created an image for herself. And to digress just a little, I used to always think that women I thought of as great artists often lost a bit of their edge once they had kids. Madonna's a momma now, and, well, I'm just not that interested in her persona that much anymore. (but, I'm a momma now too, and I'm not a teenager anymore, so maybe it's my fault) My example for this argument was always this - what ever happened to Edie Brickell? She had babies with Paul Simon and the music just hasn't had the same feeling as "Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars" (in my humble opinion). Funny - just did a little google search and this article came up: What Ever Happened to Edie Brickell?. I know I shouldn't be saying all this because I'm a mom now and I certainly don't want to think I've lost anything - but on the other hand, it's like the child becomes your project. And there's nothing wrong with that. Motherhood itself is a beautiful experience. I wouldn't trade it in for all the fame and glory of the most respected artist out there. Shoot - I don't like how this is coming out. So, no attention to the woman behind the keyboard. But, for argument's sake - what women artists inspire you? When I get asked that question, I stumble a bit. I can see how women are at the disadvantage because once they have kids, once they are completely invested in motherhood, it is hard to see the value in anything else. And I'm not suggesting that it's not the same for the Fathers. I see the same happening to some men as well. These babies, they become the everything. My baby certainly is.

Anyway, back to my original thought. Who would it take for me to really feel like I'd taken home the gold knowing that they owned one of my pieces. If this were a hypothetical question my answer would be simple. My hero, John Lenon. But, speaking in the now...hmmmm. Yoko? Ellen? Martha Stewart? Bill and Hillary? Frank Gehry? Bono? It's a tough question. One I was prepared to ask but not necessarily ready to answer. Who would it be for you?

Gonna leave you with a little something I think I might try to do on a regular basis. Let's call it "Things I bought because they're perty". I'm such a sucker for well designed and flashy looking labels. Here are two examples:

A POP ART-Y bottle of honey mustard salad dressing (very Lichtenstein) and a beaUtIful poppie-d bottle of red. The salad dressing actually tastes great and I'll buy it again. Haven't popped open the wine yet - but, hey, it's booz...can't be that bad, right?

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