Thursday, March 01, 2007

not a lot to show for the day

I wish I could face each sunset knowing that I've accomplished something new to show for the day. Making this pouch should have taken me twenty minutes. But with all the interruptions it took nearly all day. What are you gonna do? You do what you can. At least I finished one pouch. Since it's "Must See TV" tonight (Scrubs, Office, Earl), maybe, just maybe, I'll get a little stitching done while mindlessly watching the tube. Touching a little on what I was writing yesterday - I think the thing that takes me the longest with most of my projects is deciding on color. Now that I'm looking at these photographs, I wish there were a splash of coral pink/red in there. It needs it, doesn't it? Well, next one. Next one shall have some bright contrast.
And now it's time to fix dinner. I'm thinking spaghetti. And, now that I have a whole jar of my very favorite salad dressing in the world (had my husband pick up dinner last night and to my delight while looking at the menu online, I discovered that Sammy's sells jars of their freshly made salad dressing), we'll have a side salad too. With my fresh basil viniagrette, I'm sure to get my daily serving of greens now!

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