Thursday, August 02, 2007

how in the world do you say no to that?

Another dinner post. But this one isn't too photo-heavy. Once this sucker was cooked it was gone. And, it seems, good photo light seems to expire just about the time dinner is being finished. {Smiles}

Pork last night. (if you haven't caught on yet, boneless, skinless chicken breast is a popular meat 'round these parts, so even the other white meat is pretty exotic) I was a little lazy, so I concocted a sauce from Yoshidas teriyaki and a bottled thai peanut sauce I had in the cupboards. May I say? Very semi-homemade and delicious? Beats the several more minutes it takes me to mix up a decent kung pao.

(I'm now typing one-handed because precious baby boy has decided it's time to be held. I'm now understanding why all these blackberry freaks have come up with an abbreviation for almost everthing - but I cringe to partake. LOL!!!!!) Oh man, this is going to take a while.

So - shoot - what was I going to say? Yeah, dinner was yummy. OH, and yes, I did sample the steak the other night. Surprisingly delicious. Surprisingly, because, as I have just indicated, I'm usually a very white-meat kind of gal. But, I gotta say... next time I'm in a steak house, I just might go ahead and order up a good steak!

OH! And, the other night the husband indicated that he was worried about me being home alone with the boys while he's out of town on a last-minute business trip out of the country. When we realized that my parents would be vacationing in Hawaii during that time, he asked, "why don't you go with your parents?" And, come on, him asking that is like him calling on the way home from work and saying, "Don't make dinner, I'll pick up a pizza!" How in the world do you say no to that??? So, tickets are bought, hotel room reserved and me and my baby boys are headed to Hawaii! (Kauai, for those who care to know) I suppose there are benefits to living just on "the other side of the pond". Easy to book a last-minute trip. And, Tom will be joining us following his business trip for a much-needed long weekend retreat. So, for anyone still reading, alooooooooooooooHA!

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