Monday, August 13, 2007

weekend in review - not so much

So I had this idea that it'd be fun to always post about my weekends come Monday morning. Tell you about the projects I worked on (because it's always my time to work on the stuff I've been putting off all week once the husband is home to entertain the little ones). But, unfortunately, I'm afraid the only thing I did this weekend was make one very unimpressive discovery: my messed up crochet circles/hexagons make great coasters!

Spent all last week caring for the 3-year old and his cold. So, naturally that means I get to spend the weekend harboring my own fever, achy head, coughing, sneezing cold. Thank goodness it happened on a weekend though. I was able to sleep for nearly 14 hours on Saturday while the little boys were under Daddy's care. (And, yes, I know there should be OJ in that glass on that "coaster" - but even when sick I love a tall glass of cherry Coke Zero) Kids! As a parent you get twice as many colds as you ever have in your entire life before - but, you can't call in sick. Honestly, though, I'd take it any day of the week if I could keep it from descending upon my little guys. The look in his little usually overly-energetic face when he's so completely out of it from a cold. Breaks my heart.

So, {sniffle sniffle} hopefully I'll have more projects to post about again soon in the next day or two. Didn't finish up my iron-on patches like I'd planned. Didn't complete all my "Project Backyard" drawings as I'd hoped. But everything's underway and I think I'll be back to 100% by tomorrow.

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