Thursday, August 30, 2007

nacho guy

I love to get hotel rooms with kitchenettes. I hate relying on restaurants when we travel. But I don't like to buy huge jars of small necessities - so I travel with my tube of spices! I've been so busy packing up, cleaning the house, organizing things for the pets - I haven't posted this week because I figured everything I'm doing is completely boring. But then I read Posie's blog this morning and I realized that I forgot to chat about the concert we went to Monday night.

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Row 10, full moon (well, it looked full anyway - I guess Tuesday night was technically full moon) and Wilco. I was so happy to hear so many old favorites as well as tracks from the new album, Sky Blue Sky. As Ms. Posie suggests herself, when you go to see a band play, you always want to be the crowd and the city the band remembers. In between songs, Jeff Tweedy struck up conversations, remarking on the moon and how the mellow crowd must be an indication of it being the first day back at school (the concert was at SDSU's Open Air Theater). And, as I was beginning to notice, puffs of smoke made Tweedy say, "You guys smell funny." Ah yes, that wonderful concert haze. But then he said, "But the guys in Portland, Oregon smelled REAL funny." Okay, so we won't be remembered as the city that smokes a lot of pot. Then he asked, "Hey! Where's nacho guy?" Apparently there was a guy front and center with a big bowl of nachos. Tweedy imitated nacho guy putting a big gooey chip in his mouth, head bopping to the music and shouting, "Yeah!" in between shots of cheesiness. So, yes folks, San Diego will be remembered for nacho guy.

I couldn't help but think about John Lennon when they played Hate it Here. The lyrics sound a lot like Lennon post Yoko separation and reunion. Think Jealous Guy. But the Wilco twist has this sound that I bet Lennon would have loved - these pauses from the melody to just rock out. Love it. Most Wilco songs are like that. You'll be swaying and enjoying it and then these incredible sounds hit you and make you get out of your trance and really hear the song. The lights were fantastic. Dancing to those drums. I envy the ability to not only compose music, but then to put words to it. It's something that seems so incredibly impossible to me. It's beyond my understanding. Some people are just born with that - doing it before they hit puberty. Amazing. I loved that Jeff Tweedy pointed out how his 7-year old son was fast asleep a few rows up. How can a kid sleep through this??? Wow, to be the kid of a rock-n-roll daddy - how cool must that be?

So, yeah - it was a great night.

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