Tuesday, August 21, 2007

thank you for humoring me

How cute will this be? A sushi romper for the little brother and a chopstick shirt for the big brother. I thought this fabric was adorable and bought it even though I knew it'd be pushing it for me to sew these two outfits up. But that's just the way I do things - always load myself up with things to do. Only a couple weeks till aloha-time! So I'd better get sewing. But, it's still SO HOT. I know I'm not out in the fields laboring under the sun or anything, but when it's hot like this it takes every last grain of energy to get anything done. On top of that, we all get a little cranky around here. My son's temperment and mine are very much the same, so he and I start to bicker and I have to remind myself that I should just let the 3-year old win this argument and start acting like an adult. But that's just so hard to do sometimes, you know? Why should he get the last word? Oy vey.

So what did we do over the hot hot weekend? We went out. Spent Saturday at the Go, Diego, Go LIVE Show. Yes, it's just as you would imagine. But, at least it was in an air conditioned theater. Sunday was spent at the ballpark. Yep, that was hot. But, it was the husband's company picnic - so free food and beer. It was a busy family weekend. No time for anything silly like sewing, painting or crafting. I did manage to crochet a few hexagons in the car en route to all our running about town. After reconsidering my measurements, it looks like it may take around 600 to cover the bed. When I made my original guesstimate of 750, I wasn't taking into consideration the stretchiness of the blanket. So that was a nice little discovery. I'm still working on my first row and am so incredibly eager to start the second so that I'll have hexagons connected by more than one side. I'm tempted to just throw one in the second row before I'm finished with the first (there's no harm in that - it's going to go there eventually anyway!), but I feel like that would be cheating and I want to keep at this in an organized way. No jumping ahead. Only 5 more to go until I can make the first hexagon of row two. This morning I told myself I'd just plow through and get those 5 done today. We'll see how that goes.

A super special thank you to everyone who sent me an e-mail following my last post. It was so great to hear from you! I just get so silly sometimes. If you've been reading and following my posts for awhile, you know how incredibly insecure I am. This was another one of those moments flaring up. So, thank you for humoring me and making me feel special. Confidence restored. Everyone who e-mailed will get a patch in the mail. I'll try to get those in envelopes today! But you know how slow I move in this heat. So please forgive me if they don't go out until tomorrow.

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