Friday, August 24, 2007

things I love

It's been quite a long time since I've done
Things I Love

Love: There's nothing like growing something you can eat. I planted this grapevine 3 years ago and have patiently waiting for my first bunch. Here it is! Although, it looks so pretty and it makes me so happy to see it hanging there every time I go outside to water that I'm hesitant to pick it and eat it up. But, maybe today's the day. Little boy and I may have ourselves a very special afternoon snack.

Love: Ever since I was a little girl with my newly found pen pal I've loved sending out mail. E-mail has made me lazy - so I don't send things out as often as I'd like. But when I do, I love the feeling of sending something off into the world.

Love: I absolutely love the color of these roses. This photo doesn't quite capture the brown tones, though. Just beautiful. I love it when flowers are colors you wouldn't expect them to be. No, not purple carnations - but, greens and browns and even various shades of white. I love it when the magnolia tree is blooming - look inside a blossom and the white petals become a pretty shade of brown as you reach the center. And the stem inside is gorgeous purple. I hate that magnolia blossoms really only last a day in a bowl of water in the house. But, the brown color that their petals turn after a day indoors is probably one of my favorite colors.

Love: How much do I love that within minutes of my turning on the Today show this morning they showcased their #4 most beautiful place in America, which was Hawaii - where I'll be in a week? In my humble opinion, it is #1. Gave me chicken skin to see the church in Hanalei, to hear some Iz ukulele and see footage of the majestic Na Pali coast. How is that for timing?

Love: Fridays. Even though little boy tells me with disdain, "It's always mommy weekend," it's just not right without the husband around. And thank goodness we have nothing going on this weekend, so we can just enjoy our weekend together.


Anonymous said...

Ok, this is really weird! I commented to you the other day (I'm Jill in Solana Beach) and I was just driving up to O'side a couple of hrs ago and SAW you! LOL I'm assuming it was you b/c of the decal on your cute little car. How strange is that?!? I'm really into crafts, artwork (I make mosaics) and photography (still learning a lot!). Here is my flickr account so you don't think I'm some crazy person following you! lol
Have a happy weekend!

Josie said...

Isn't that the church with the lava rock headstones? I think it is. And yes, so peaceful and pretty out there...

Be sure to go and eat some Hamura saimin and lilikoi pie for me while you're there (if you've never done it, ask any local where it is!).

Have lot of fun while you're there! And I recognize the fabric of both those sushi patterns! My mom and aunt are big fans of it!