Sunday, August 26, 2007

just like dirt

When I was little, I thought I could make it rain. I'd think long and hard about how much I wanted it to rain and within a few days it would. Silly. I was probably thinking I wanted it to rain because I'd heard that it was supposed to rain. But, for the record - yesterday I was watching Dirty Dancing while sewing, and, in the movie there are several key rainstorms (makes for steamy love scenes, right?) and I thought to myself, I'd LOVE it if it would rain sometime this summer.

So, what did I wake to this morning? Thunder. (we never get thunder) When I heard that, I shut my eyes in an attempt to get another few minutes of sleep in and repeated again and again in my head, "I hope it starts raining I hope it starts raining." (we never get rain) Then, it did! No, I'm not claiming responsibility for it - but it sure is cool. I jumped out of bed (didn't need coffee this morning) and went into the kitchen so I could sit and just listen to it come down. Nothing more rejuvenating to me than rain. Maybe mother nature is just giving me a taste of Hawaii in preps for my trip. Started sewing the swimsuit wrap I've been putting off for weeks - even turned off the filter on the fish aquarium so I could hear the rain drops and thunder. Oh, and the smells! This dry earth was just soaking it up and made everything smell so fresh and natural - just like dirt. Love it. I continued to repeat in my head, "Please don't stop raining please don't stop raining." It continued to come down until about 10am - then the sun came out and it all dried up and all the puddles started to quickly get slurped up by the thirsty ground. But, oh, what a wonderful treat for a Sunday morning. Thinking of that great Sarah Harmer song - The Hideout. Look at that green, out through the screen after a quick rain came - So fast that, there wasn't time to roll up the windows and pull the clothes down off the line. But I don't care, it was so dry and the grass is happy and I think, so am I.

So, Jennifer Grey was the lawyer's wife in John From Cincinnati? I watched her intro on the DVD and couldn't believe it was her. She shouldn't have gotten a nose job. It made her her! I swear I was a girl of the '60s in a previous life. What with my infatuation for Peggy Sue Got Married and Dirty Dancing, and now my love of Mad Men - playing Sirus Gold - I just can't get enough of it.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank-you for the goodies! :-) Very cute!