Monday, August 06, 2007

weekend in review

Built a model boat with my little man. He was disappointed to discover that it's a boat that will not float. A boat that will not float?!? What a joke!

An iced coffee and a little treat on a very warm Saturday afternoon. I love it when there's coffee left-over from breakfast! Doesn't happen much in this house!

Hit the clearance fabric aisle and found this nice print for a wrap/skirt. I always tell myself I'll bring only one swimsuit, one skirt, one shirt and one pair of shorts to Hawaii. Let's see if I stick to it this time.

How cute will my boys look in matching shirts? I know this print is kind of too pastel, but all the Aloha print has been removed from the shelves to make way for the fall/winter prints. I hate how they do that! I'll have to stock up on tropical prints when we're in Hawaii. Can't wait to hit this little fabric store in Kapa'a ("...or is it Kapa-ah-ah?" - Honeymoon in Vegas) that had all these wonderful Japanese prints. As soon as we left the island last year, I knew I should have gone back to that little store. But I was so pregnant and moody that I didn't know a good thing even when it hit me right square in the face. SO glad I won't be pregnant on this trip! Now when my dad mixes up mai tais, he can offer me one without getting a death glare in return - as he often did when he mistakenly offered his pregnant daughter libations.

Nothing like sweet corn on the cob during summertime, is there? I'm proud to say that our barbecue has been in such constant use that the propane tank was empty when I went to use it Saturday night. I love barbecuing during the summer!

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Josie said...

I reaaaaaly like that material (for the skirt)! And I think it's so cool that you can whip up matching shirts for your boys! (I hope you have enough material left over to make a little sumthin' sumthin' for their daddy too! You know, so they can match! Like maybe a bandana or something!)

PS- Haven't gotten the card yet, but will let you know when I do! I used to totally believe in the postal system, but lately...I dunno! I just got a card from my grandma that she mailed 2 weeks before my birthday! :-(