Wednesday, September 19, 2007

hula pie

Another week gone by.


Where did the summer go?

This week's project? Hubby's 34th birthday party which is tomorrow. I guess I'm still thinking of Hawaii, cause this party's got a lot of island flavor. (I'm toasting coconut as we speak) I've been thinking a lot about the old Coco Palms Resort. Every year that we've gone to Kauai, since our honeymoon in 2000, I gaze longingly at that old Coco Palms resort. Since it's destructive fate during the hurrincane in the '90s, it's always just sat there tattered and windows blown out with original drapes and light fixtures just hanging there exposed to the Pacific ocean air. I should have known something was in the works (I mean, of course - Elvis was there, afterall), but every year we drive by I think that we should buy the place and return it to it's full retro glory. I should know, afterall, how hard it is to get projects going - developers have been chomping at the bit to get work started on this place. But, finally, this year, I see a sign announcing the renovated Coco Palms Resort ~ luxurious condominiums. Of course condos start at $1 million. Of course. Ah, well, I can look forward to the day that I can at least wander along the grounds where Elvis once sang the Hawaiian wedding song. (Grandma used to call me every single time Blue Hawaii was playing on TV - "Hello Dawn??? Blue Hawaii is on channel 8!" Didn't matter if I lived in Vista or L.A. or San Diego, she'd call with the good news every time) All these years I've been tempted to take the "Movie Tour" just to gain access to the Palms grounds. I'll still dream I'm the inn keeper's wife, a la Hotel Honolulu.

So, in that spirit, we've got a menu worthy of the Coco Palms restaurant planned. To start, coconut shrimp. Next up, filet mignon and teriyaki chicken with grilled pineapple. For dessert? Nothing less than hula pie - a layered concoction with chocolate crust, toasted coconut, coffee ice cream, macadamia nuts and whipped cream. Yum. Yeah, so I've been watching a little too much Top Chef (+ re-runs). I'm all into the prep now. Totally excited to plan a menu, do my shopping and have a day of prep before cooking for the big meal. I'm giddy this is so much fun.

Pics tomorrow.

Since most will see this tomorrow (=today) -- including birthday boy himself -- the best birthday wishes and all the aloha in the world to my Tommy Lee. Straight from the old lady herself (yes, folks, I'm older by almost 3 months), best birthday wishes. Tonight, we celebrate Coco Palms style!

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