Wednesday, September 12, 2007

sandy feet

sandy_feet, originally uploaded by buettington.

Now back at home, this is what I miss - sandy feet. But, like I've said before, It's always good to come home. Like I've complained before, I do hate the unpacking part. Almost done though, so it's nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now if only I could get the kids adjusted to time here at home. 9:00am and they're both still asleep! I know I should wake them, but I'll admit it's nice to have some quiet time to myself in the kitchen. Oh selfish selfish! But, it'd also be nice to have some quiet time with the husband tonight - which we did NOT get last night because little Mr. Man was up until 10:30pm (an early 7:30pm in Hawaii).

This trip was filled with several highs and lows. On the upside was the time the boys and I got to spend with my parents while they were on the island of Kauai. On the downside was the couple days we were on our own until Tom joined us after his business trip. It showed me something though - doesn't matter where you are, there you are! Sure I was in paradise, but there were still diapers to change, temper tantrums to deflate and all the normal mommy duties to tend to. And, even being in my very favorite place in the whole wide world just doesn't feel all together right without that person I call my other half. When he finally got there, it suddenly felt right. Oh the joy when I saw him round the corner at the airport - tears shed as little boy ran up to great him with a plumeria lei. Nothing greater than that.

It really was a wonderful time, so I hesitate to even mention some of the negative experiences of the trip. Yeah, you know what? I'm not gonna go there. I'll just remark on one that probably wouldn't even have been nearly as traumatic for me if I hadn't just had 2 mai tais (rum makes me emotional). A mere few minutes after taking a final picture of the sunset (a mere half hour after my previous post) the battery from our camera disappeared as it sat tucked in my shoe during one last dip in the pool. I tried, I really tried, to convince myself that it probably just fell out. But I'm too methodical for that - the battery door would have had to open all by itself, the little notch that holds the battery would have had to get pushed aside by itself, etc., etc. Then, I could have listened when Tom tried to convince me that even if someone had stolen the battery, it meant they needed the money more than we do and only wanted to take our money and not our memories (leaving behind the camera and memory card). Yes, yes, true. But still, I got all tears and dramatic and was convinced that I had done something to deserve this and the mosquito bites and the other unmentioned incident. I'm well over it now, but was reminded of it as I went to download the remaining photos from our memory card. Oh how I wished that one final photo had been snapped before my presumed battery-snatcher drained our camera of its power source. As I downloaded, I imagined some bruddah with a big grin giving me a "hang ten" shakka. No such luck. That would have made it all worth it! Damn!

[note to self: stay away from the rum!]

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