Saturday, September 22, 2007

made for list-makers

I've always loved used the search templates field in Microsoft Excel for finding great organizational spreadsheets. Before our trip, I found "Trip Planner" and it really did make the whole process of packing, making house arrangements and last minute trip details a cinch. By the morning of our departure, I was actually in control - a new thing for me. Usually I'll have been up all night frantically trying to remember what I've forgotten.

For the big birthday party last week, I downloaded "Party Planer" (which was really geared more towards a holiday party but was easily converted to fit my needs). At this point I'm practically coming up with excuses to look for a template. This thing was made for list-makers like myself. My only problem is that I often spend more time making my lists than actually tackling them. Ah, well, the intentions are always there, at least.

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