Tuesday, September 25, 2007

woman possessed with her hand-vac

Final round of pictures from the birthday party last week. Here is the sign little boy and I collaborated on. He felt so special having his own very important project to do. Beats anything we could have picked up at the party store for sure!

This is a really cute little serving platter my mom found at a thrift store on Maui. I meant to check out some thrift stores myself while on the islands - but didn't think of it until she gave me this and explained where she found it. Ho hum. We always love it when we can find things made in Japan, like this piece. Seems like people on the Hawaiian Islands come from all over the place, so the thrift stores are great places for finding far-away treasures.

Table all set, complete with cookies wrapped in these cute pineapple bags. Picked up the bamboo place mats (which I used for a partial table runner) last week. I love these. There were a few sprays of orchids in the center and, of course, my favorite Wedgwood china.

There have been a few e-mails wondering when I'm going to start printing fabric again and when I might start to re-stock the Etsy shop. It's next on my list! Hopefully some of you who sent inquiries are reading this. I'll have to start catching up on my e-mail responses soon too. Now that it definitely feels like summer is over, I'm ready to start working on things again. You know Fall is almost here when you make muffins in the morning as an excuse to turn on the stove and knock the chill out of the kitchen. It's hard for me to believe it though. Late September/early October in the past has been known to shove one last heat wave in our direction. But believe me, I sure do hope Fall is here to stay! I love bundling up the little guys. They've been barefoot for so long that little socks and long pants make them look so grown up. Oh they're growing up so fast! Can you believe the 8-month old is already crawling? He's skittering about and I'm running around like a woman possessed with her hand-vac. I'd forgotten how they like to pick the teeny tiniest little bits of whatever off the floor and how they always go straight into their mouths. So mornings around here now start with a good vacuum. God bless the hand vacuum. There's always a pile of play dough crumbs or shredded pieces of paper in big brother's wake. I think I'd go insane if I had to pull out the big vacuum more than once a day. Good lord, once a day is almost more than I can handle! So, that's the excuse for little creative work getting done. Long gone are the days of baby sitting by my side, amused, while I sew. Sad!

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