Wednesday, September 05, 2007

out of touch

Ah, beautiful Hawaii.

Everything is green and lush. It rains every morning and is sunny by breakfast. Birds - so many birds! I love hearing them after a rain shower passes by. They all come out singing and dancing from ginger stalk to ginger stalk. It's easy to waste away handfuls of time looking at the mountains, studying a flower and watching the fish dart in and out of the rocks on the shore. I also love those clouds. Big fluffy things hanging low and just leisurely drifting by on their trans-Pacific journey. Blue sky, crystal clear water, bright flowers and every shade of green you could possibly imagine.

Doing my best to keep everyone from burning to a crisp. The sun is so intense here. I've had my fair share of sunburns and don't need to go through that again. I'm always so pleased with myself when we return from a trip to the beach with no red noses or burnt shoulders. Especially when baby's fair white skin continues to be just that. Both boys are having a wonderful time in the water. Here on the North Shore of Kauai the surf is calm this time of year, so we're enjoying gentle waves rippling onto the shore.

I feel so out of touch, though. I mean, yes, I have an internet connection, but I haven't been turning the computer on much. I guess that's how you know you're having a pretty good time. Maybe I should read a newspaper or something though. When you're on this island it's really easy to forget that there's anything else out there in the world. With stars as bright as they are here at night, one would think this little island is a star itself, floating out amongst the other stars in the galaxy!

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