Sunday, September 09, 2007

my nightmare

Shot taken right now in my moment of realization.

My nightmare - the one I have nearly once a month... I'm in Hawaii for only one day and it's sunset and I've suddenly remembered all these things I've yet to do. I'm living it. We're a mere 2 hours from sunset and we leave by sunrise tomorrow morning. How can this be?!? Ah!!! Well, the husband and the bugaboo are out enjoying the sunshine and I suppose little Mr. BabyBoo and I should too. Mother trucker, are we really headin' home tomorrow!?!?!??! Do you suppose there's a reason I feel homesick da second da plane lands on this island or wha? This moment, right now - this is my nightmare. Only a coupla hours left a daylight and what do you do wit it?

This is my home.

What my grandma called home till the day she died... Kauai. Do I just sit here and cry or do I watch the sun set?

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mother & a grandmother said...

Can't believe I came upon this about 50 minutes ago. After we left you and those precious baby boys, & headed for Maui--I couldn't stop crying. Why couldn't I stop crying? I'll be seeing all of you in a few days in CA & we are now in beautiful Maui but why the tears and the pain in my heart? It took me awhile to figure out---it is my Mom your grandma. In Kauai I felted her spirit & comfort with every breath of tropical air I inhaled. I'm glad you felt it too! Your dad, as usual has been understanding to my unexpected tears & longing in my heart to feel her comforting me. I look at your boys & feel she is watching over them with love. Miss you, love you, see you at home soon-MOM.