Friday, July 15, 2005

como se dice "speak english!"

Finally going to break in the gocco kit I got for my birthday!

I don' t know why it's taken me this long to sketch something up and take it down to the copy place to get it copied. But I finally did, so now I can move onto step two. I was so incredibly grateful to come across a very informative tutorial by The Small Object. I was reading the instructions that came with my kit and after reading the following few sentances 3 or 4 times, I finally came to the conclusion that these must not have been originally written in english:
The separating sheet on the pad is adhesive.
This is to prevent the prints from sticking onto the
master when printing. This is
naturally not necessary when making
masters. The original must stick onto the
master. That is why such a piece of paper is
placed between the pad and the original.
Furthermore, this sheet can be used as a trial
print in the beginning.
Well, maybe it will make sense after I make my first master and print. But right now, those instructions seem to be telling me that something that is sticky is used to keep something else from sticking to it because it's not really necessary since the original must stick so you put a piece of paper between it and the pad to keep it from sticking. Hmmm.
Mucho props to The Small Object for her muy muy bueno tutorial.
Tonight I Print!

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