Friday, July 29, 2005

hfa (holiday freaks anonymous)

Okay...let me just admit this now...I am a freak.

That let me tell you about a really great website for freaks like me:

And if anyone is mumbling to themselves, "but it's JULY for chrissake!", well then you'd better just stop reading right now. Because I love to do as much as I possibly can around the holiday season, I NEED to start planning as soon as possible. And by everything, I mean: baking cookies/breads/desserts to give away (I'm the one in the office that brings cookies wrapped in special packages for everyone in the office...which doesn't seem generous to's necessary...and NO I'm not doing it to kiss up - so shut up), decorating the house (inside and out), sewing stockings to hold gifts, wrapping wrapping wrapping, singing to my christmas playlist as I work (the Carpenters' christmas album is the bomb), any kind of christmas craft, painting those little ceramic tree ornaments, and making (yes, making) christmas cards. I'm not so much into the shopping frenzy that the holidays bring on - just all the other home-based type stuff. And every year I tell myself I'm going to make all my christmas gifts and every year I either don't finish and end up going out a couple weeks before to shop or I'm up all night long christmas eve.
But now I have Starting August 28th, I will begin the 16-week planner and countdown to insure that I have a very organized christmas. Hee hee hee...this makes me so giddy!
So there you go.
My name is Dawn and I am a holiday freak.

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