Friday, July 29, 2005

there's only one good thing about a small town

Not sure where I'm going with these stuffies...
but I feel like it's been so long since I've posted anything about something I've been working on. And the truth is - it's been taking me weeks to finish anything lately. I would blame the weather - because it's been heating up - but I always feel like an idiot when I complain about the weather here in California.
It's just not right for me to complain. Yeah it's hot, but it's not humid. And yeah the temperatures sort of drop in the winter, but it's not freezing (literally anyway). So I promise I will never consciously complain about the weather. Could be an urban myth, but it's been said that sometime back in the '60s or '70s there was a piece on 60 Minutes about our oh so beautiful (~sarcastic tone~) town of Vista as being the *nation's climactic wonderland*. Another urban myth is that it actually snowed here, ONCE! That one killed me when I was a kid - I would have done anything to have a snow day! Also on the list of myths is that John Wayne once ALMOST bought a house here. Oh, and here's another one...our friend claims he stood behind Brad Pitt in line at the Shell station buying cigarettes about a year ago. Who knows? Mr. Pitt himself recently bought a house down in La Jolla (about 30 minutes from *beautiful* Vista), so you never know - he could have ALMOST been my neighbor! It's funny growing up in a small town. I had the same History teacher as my parents. My husband and I went to the same elementary school but didn't really "meet" each other until senior year in high school. We're always hearing from our elders..."oh, I remember when Vista had only ONE stoplight!". Makes me think of a Lou Reed/John Cale song:
(from Songs For Drella...aka Andy Warhol)
When you're growing up in a small town,
You say no one famous ever came from here.
When you're growing up in a small town,
and you're having a nervous breakdown,
and you think that you'll never escape it,
Yourself or the place that you live.
Where did Picasso come from?
There's no Michelangelo coming from Pittsburgh
If art is the tip of the iceberg,
I'm the part sinking below
When you're growing up in a small town,
Bad skin, bad eyes - gay and fatty,
People look at you funny,
When you're in a small town.
My father worked in construction,
It's not something for which I'm suited -
Oh - what is something for which you are suited?
Getting out of here!
I hate being odd in a small town,
If they stare let them stare in New York City,
as this pink eyed painting albino,
How far can my fantasy go?
I'm no Dali coming from Pittsburgh.
No adorable lisping Capote.
My hero - Oh do you think I could meet him?
I'd camp out at his front door.
There is only one good thing about small town,
There is only one good use for a small town,
There is only one good thing about small town,
You know that you want to get out!
When you're growing up in a small town,
You know you'll grow down in a small town.
There is only one good use for a small town -
You hate it!
and you'll know you have to leave.
Ha ha ha.
I love that song. I think the last time I listened to it was when I was going to college and was planning to get out of here.
And we did...
for awhile...
but fate or destiny or whatever
Pulled Us Back In.

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tom said...

You may not be done movin yet kid.