Monday, July 25, 2005

pinky swear

Okay, so a few weeks ago we were at a friend's house for dinner (a fantastic dinner I might add) and I couldn't help but notice this very detailed spreadsheet posted on the fridge with a heading that read:
My Goals for 2005
And I must say I was quite impressed and inspired. Why don't I have a list of reminders posted up on the fridge to keep ME moving in the right direction??? Well, I'm going to. It's time to finally do a few of the things that are posted on the "goals" list that resides in my head. But I think I'll start at a smaller scale - let's say a new list a week. To start...goal #1 is to actually consume all the produce I bought over the weekend rather than find myself cleaning out a slimy, mushy, moldy mess a few weeks from now. And with blueberries now at $0.99 a basket, I have no excuse to not start the day right with a blended berry smoothie.
I'll go work on my goals list stay tuned! But right now I've gotta get up from my seat because my son is attempting to bite my toenails. Ever since painting them red yesterday he's been absoultely obsessed with them!!!


Josie said...

Baaaaaa-ha ha ha! Robbie biting your toes? That is so cute! Too funny!!! And thanks for the secret shout out on the goal list! ;-)

I am glad that I am not the only one who throws away 80% of her produce each week!

You know what else has made a huge difference for me? Putting the 'bathroom' scale right NEXT TO the refrigerator. I have to pass it every time I go in there, which reminds me of my goals... Though it hasn't been wildly successful(let's check...yup! Still chubby!), I know it's helped a lot.

Alexandria The Great said...

Where do you live where Blueberries are only $.99?

Out of the Box Designs said...

I guess I'm pretty lucky to have stumbled across a market here in San Diego county where the blueberries are $0.99 a basket (on sale this week)! They have a limit of 2 baskets per visit. Think I'll go everyday and stock up! =)