Sunday, July 31, 2005

Oregon & Washington

I am getting ready for a trip up north. To be specific...our final destination is the Hood River area of Oregon (right on the Oregon/Washington border). Wondering if anyone has any reccomendations on things to see or do? I will have my almost-2-year-old along. I've found the Portland Children's Museum we'll probably try to visit that. AND...we'll be taking a little excursion up to there's always that to consider as well (probably ALL kinds of things to see/do in Seattle ~ how's the Rock & Roll Experience?).

I suppose what I'm asking is this~~are you from the area? Do you know the area well? If so...are there special artisan/craftsman type shops I'd be completely enamoured with? Yarn shops I couldn't live without? Any neighborhoods/communities I'll love? I do love the town of Hood. I remember going to several wonderful shops last year - one called "Red Feather Mercantile" (sorry...can't seem to find a website to share). This is a little excursion my parents take ever year and this is the second year we're tagging along. We had so much fun last year...mostly for the sake of seeing the unique landscapes of the redwood forests and rugged coastline. But I just don't want to miss anything - so that's why I'm putting this query out to you.

Please share!

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Josie said...

My brother went to school at UW and we always went and hung around Pikes Marketplace...fresh produce, some local crafts, a pier, fresh flowers...and their famous fried chicken! What's not to like? There is also an underground tour, the lochs (not sure how to spell it) and the Space Needle! Have fun!