Saturday, March 04, 2006

got energy?

A series of paintings. Each one is small - 4" by 4". I like painting small. But I don't know why these took me so long to finish. I began them with a lot of fuel in my tank and then I just peetered out. Why does this happen to me? I'll have streches of extremely productive days and then I slow to a crawl. My body just shuts down for a few days and things like laundry and dishes in the sink feel like incredibly all-consuming tasks. Maybe it's hormonal. Only problem is, there's just no rhyme or reason to it's timing. I need a magic little pill. Or an exlicir to get the energy pumping again when I've hit a lull. Anyone with any recipes for magic potions? Someone told me how you can harness the power of the moon. You place a piece of paper in the path of moonlight on the night before a full moon. For the next three nights, when the moonlight is most intense, the paper will absorb the moon's energy. After the third night, you put the piece of paper away in a special place. On the night of the new moon (the absence moonlight), you take out your piece of paper and write down how you'd like to use the power of the moon and you put the paper away again. Apparantly, the energy that was absorbed in the paper is supposed to give you the energy to tackle your goals/issues. Maybe that's the problem. Last full moon, I put my paper out, but I forgot to write anything down on the night of the new moon. So maybe the moon is sucking the wasted energy outta me. Bah! I know it's crazy - but I swear I feel zapped!

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