Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

It seems that the days are over for me before they even begin - It's 9:00am now and by 10:00am I'll be feeling like the day is already over - There's breakfast to be eaten and breakfast dishes to be cleaned - Get dressed, dress the kid, make the bed and it's almost time for lunch - Lunch to be eaten and lunch dishes to be cleaned - Maybe then a load of laundry or a craft project - If I'm lucky, little one will go down for a nap and it's time for me to catch up - Work or clean or bills or phone calls - Shortly thereafter it's time to think about dinner - Cook dinner - Dinner to be eaten and dinner dishes to be cleaned - Bathtime then bedtime then pick up all the toys from a day's worth of a two-year-old hurricane - Somewhere around 10:00pm we slump back on the couch so we can fall asleep only after 10 or 15 minutes of desperately trying to catch up on our Tivo shows - I used to waste so much time watching TV - Now I can barely keep up with Tivo - Monday falls into Tuesday which materializes into Thursday and then it's Friday - Weekend...and it starts all over again - Tiii-I-I-ime it's on my mind...Yes it is - ALL THE TIME - Time on my mind in the sense of where did it go??? - How is it already 9:09am??? - Sorry Tivo...you've been a little neglected - Just don't have the time to waste on TV like I used to.

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