Tuesday, March 28, 2006

hey there cupcake - completed!

Too Sweet To Eat Cupcakes!

Hope I can squeeze in some time to make these for the upcoming BazBiz. We'll see...

Ack - it's Tuesday and I can't think of a single thing to shoot for Self Portrait Tuesday. The theme, "time", is hard for me to picture in a picture. Hmmm. Whelp, this is the last Tuesday of the month, so maybe I'll just skip today and pick up again next week when the theme changes.

Another drizzly day. The weeds out back are waaaay outta control with all this moisture they're getting. Gonna have to throw on my khaki's and wield a machete. (or some jeans and the weed whacker - or, better yet, a husband in some jeans and a weed whacker!) I really want to make our backyard a more livable space. It's so dirty now. Too much dirt. Needs some pavers and maybe even some kind of shade structure. Think I'll start designing now so we can make it our Spring/Summer project.

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