Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i was destined to eat cookies this week

I promised myself I'd post more often. How have two whole days gone by already? Two years ago when I started this little online journal I saw it as a chance to hold myself accountable for my time. You see, back then I was a fresh new mama still getting used to the idea of not showing up at the office everyday. In fact, I'd wake up panicked thinking I'd missed my alarm and would be late for my train. The idea of not working was so foreign to me. So, to make up for it, I thought a little blog might encourage me to have something to show for my time. (I know, I know, the real reason I was home was to take care of the baby - but, I still felt like I should have something else to show for my days at home) It helped. Made me feel a little more worthy.

And here it is, two days after my last post, already after 5 0'clock - so what have I been up to? Organizing. Trying to stick to my diet. Thinking about my website update. (action soon to follow) See these jars? Why does it feel wrong to throw perfectly good glass jars into the recylcle bin? I've got So Much junk everywhere - wouldn't jars like these put everything in their place? And, if I spray painted the lids, wouldn't they look super cool?

So, the big problem with organizing is that you come across things you'd forgotten you even had. All week I've been avoiding those cookie-toting Girl Scouts like the plague. (I SWEAR, I always manage to start a diet the very day those gosh darn thin mints hit the streets) What do you think I found in my basket of yarn? A box of Kauai Kookies that I bought on our last trip to the islands - I box I'd intended to give to a friend but forgot about (sorry Josie, those were yours). So what do you think happened?

Yes. I've helped myself to 3 or 4 cookies. And now that the box is open (oh it's a big ol' can o' worms), I'm sure I'll be subject to falling off the diet wagon for a couple days now. BUT, at least my sewing supplies now look pretty in all their matching glass jars, right?

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Josie said...

I like it!!! (Recycling the jars.) Yet another wonderful example of why you're a great influence of me! (The first being that I should not go to craft fairs hoping to fleece Granny by getting her warm, handknitted socks that took 8 hours to make for 15 cents). Those jars look great, I may do that for Rich's 10,000 screws, nuts and bolts in the garage someday! (I think he'll like pink, don't you?) ;-)