Friday, March 30, 2007

too much html !

As you've probably gathered from my absence this week, I've been busy. Had my nose in my laptop the past few days finishing a total site revamp. It's up live now - so feel free to check it out - but pay no attention to any goofs and bumbles. Tomorrow (Saturday) is my quality control day. But, as promised (to myself and you), all the new bibs and booties are up. I even have a cute little logo indicating that these are:

as seen on the Martha Stewart Show

If you live in the San Diego County area, look for me in Sunday's North County Times. No, that's not the New York Times I said, North County Times. (something I've actually had to say to someone - ha ha - I wish!) My big appearance is just around the bend now. Next week folks! Some of the family is insisting that we all meet at a sports bar for the show. I don't know about that - besides, how we going to get the bartender to change the channel to the Martha Stewart Show? Nah, I think I'll watch it quietly at home where I can hide my blushing face behind a pillow.

Now, this house requires some major attention. Toys (mine and the kid's) everywhere! It'll be a morning of spring cleaning. After that, I'd love an afternoon of some sewing. My brain is screaming from days of sitting in front of this computer. It's hard for me to imagine how I used to manage 40-hour work weeks sitting in front of a computer. It's pretty sad when your wrist hurts because it's been perched over the mouse too long! After too much time with the mouse, I seriously begin to imagine that I can scroll my way through anything. Kid having a temper tantrum? Let's just scroll down to the bottom of the page where it all ends and he's laughing about it all. It's dinner time and the chicken breast is still frozen? Scroll it into a high speed defrost. (speaking of which, I better take that chicken out of the freezer now - Almond Chicken tonight...I'll have to share this recipe with you this weekend)

Happy Friday everyone!
Sorry for the absence!

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Josie said...

We don't get the North County Times, but if you're able to find the article on line, PLEASE forward it to us! Wow, pre-show media buzz too...awesome!

I'e been waiting very impatiently for the show to come on for weeks now. I can hardly wait!!! I'm also hoping that since we "knew you when" that you'll be willing to autograph my chest with a Sharpie. ;-)