Friday, March 02, 2007

thanks to a three year old

Thank You for never allowing me to throw an empty box away - it is recyclable afterall...hours and hours of play are to be had with all those empty toy boxes. God forbid I should throw them away - or, even worse, ACTUALLY recycle them! Oh the tears to be had! Besides, they look great on the dining table!

Thank You for showing me that the precious plate I serve your breakfast on each morning is just plain silly. Food can just as easily sit on the table without this bothersome plate in the way.

Thank You, oh Thank You, for bringing the outdoors inside!

Thank You for the reorganizing you do to the living room each and every time I "clean up". Yes, I am Bad Mommy for putting Thomas in the canvas bins - which I insist on organizing all the gosh darn time. (wood trains in the red, plastic trains in the blue and metal trains in the yellow)

AND, a super BIG Thank You for pulling off all the labels from your dresser and sticking them on the floor (where they rightfully belong, of course!) so that I may have the chance to use my new label maker AGAIN! Joy, oh joy!

Final Picture: the little dear himself. Thank You.

Seriously? The biggest "thank you" is for all the screaming and shouting done while baby brother was in utero. We now have a baby who can sleep through ANYTHING!!! Thank God!
(KNOCK ON WOOD! I said it in time, right?!? Knock on Wood!!!)

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