Thursday, March 15, 2007

work in progress - bibs

Bibs - my project for the day. Need to get these prototypes sewed up, photographed and added to the website. These are the styles I showed on Martha, so it would be appropriate for them to have their place on the site.
I have this little box I use for holding my current projects. This makes for easy transferring of projects from room to room, to the park or in front of the TV. I've been toting this little box around with these little bibs for nearly a week now.
I swear I don't know where time goes. Although, I have been consumed with trying introduce some amount of organization back into the house. Maybe it's the weather - we've been in the high 80s here in San Diego county. I think warm weather after the cool of winter always makes me feel like clearing out the cobwebs. Although, the weather here seems to have skipped Spring altogether and jumped right into the heart of August! But now that I've said that, I'm sure it's going to start cooling off again.

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