Tuesday, March 06, 2007

pinch me i'm dreaming

Some might think I wanted another baby so I'd have my very own bootie model here at my disposal. Yes, it's convenient - but I can't believe he's already outgrown my newborn size! I guess when I say "newborn," I mean NEWBORN! Maybe this size could use some tweaking to get a couple more weeks out of 'em. Something that those with an eye for detail might notice in the photo above is the adorable outfit my little guy is wearing. Yes, those are sushi shorts and a matching sushi screened top! It's a sweet little outfit by Icky Baby.

Somehow, some way, I woke up in a really good mood today. Surprising, because yesterday was day one of diet back ON. (imagine one of those little magnetic signs you pick up at the arts-n-crafts fair down in the lobby of your building before christmas - the one that you turn to read "Diet On" when you're dieting and flip to "Diet Off" when not) So part of me is wondering if all the good eating had its effect on my mood - the whole chemical balance or whatever it is that goes on inside there (remind me to ask Tom Cruise about that). I also consumed like a gallon of green tea (really, like 4 cups) - so maybe that helped to cleanse me of all those toxic bad mood bugs. Or maybe it's just a huge coincidence. Let me just say that I love it when I'm humming a tune and playing with my son without even stressing over the pile of laundry waiting for me this afternoon. Whatever! (see? pretty darn good mood) I wish you could see and appreciate the magnificent train track we set up on the floor! Also, today is the second time we've ever watched "Blue's Clues" and for some reason, I'm finding it very calming. Something about this guy's voice, the way he talks and the way he makes me feel so gosh darn smart for finding Blue's clue. I'm digging it. (yeah, a shining good mood)

So, the clock is ticking and I still have major website updates I want to accomplish before Martha airs. Which reminds me, I had a dream about Martha last night! We were like best friends or something. Whenever I tell people about my little Martha adventure, they remark on how it must have been so great for me to meet this woman who I've been following all these years (all those magazines, all those books, all those christmas specials and that Martha paint and the recipes the projects the organizing tips ...) - and the truth is, now that I think about it, NOW, it occurs to me that, yes, she was probably the person I'd name when asked, "If you could meet anybody, who would it be?" (Dead or alive, it would be John Lennon - but in a realistic scenario, yes, it would have been Martha) But I'm glad this didn't occur to me until now. Otherwise I might have been completely nervous and goofy in front of her. On the other hand, now it seems like I slept through the whole experience because now it all seems like a fuzzy dream. My dream last night actually seems more real. Maybe it was all just a dream. Maybe this good mood is just a dream. Do you ever have dreams where you tell yourself this is a dream but then can't wake up and so come to terms with the fact that it's not a dream? (and then you do, in fact, wake up) I sure do. Maybe I should do something wild and crazy today because this could just be one great big dream. Why not?


tom said...

"I am against nature. I don't dig nature at all. I think nature is very unnatural. I think the truly natural things are dreams, which nature can't touch with decay."
--Bob Dylan

Josie said...

I think people who can remember random (but fitting) quotes for any situation are frightening individuals who were given way more brains than is fair.

But yes, I do have dreams where I realize they're dreams, but still don't wake up. Later I'm glad I didn't because most times, they're dreams I wish would come true!

BTW, diet or not, you looked great last weekend. You have that 'new mom' healthy glow and well honestly...you're always so photogenic! Hard to believe you just had a baby!

And don't forget- the best exercise is the kind you didn't even know you did (playing with the babies)!!! I bet just doing that keeps you in much better shape than you know! I lift weights and work out, but can't carry a newborn longer than 10 minutes or chase a toddler for more than an hour. I have found that no matter how much I exercise, I am NO match for a mother! ;-)