Saturday, March 10, 2007

my daily double wager

I'd been thinking about trying to make containers from felt. Each time I stitch up a bootie I'm amazed at the structural stability of these little shoes - so I finally gave it a try and it worked like I thought it would. I made this small little basket with no real intention for purpose. Then it occurred to me that this clover I picked up the other day would fit inside perfectly! Nice when things work out like that, isn't it? It's also nice to take a break from the regular projects and try out something new for a change. As I've mentioned before, I'd love to get myself in a groove where I'm trying to create something new each day. I admire the dedication of artists who pick up their sketch book each day or writers who write something every day. Well, since I'm all over the place in terms of what it is I do, why shouldn't I dedicate myself to accomplishing one small new thing a day? Maybe I need to make it more interesting myself ...or put some kind of wager on it. Tall order - maybe I should scale back to one every other day - one day to think about it and one day to execute. Hmmm ...I'm seriously going to consider how I might put something like this in play to jump start my motivation.

The husband and I are going out on a date tonight! The boys go to grandma and grandpa's so we can have a real dinner out. I'm looking forward to some wonderful thai food from a little restaurant in Encinitas we went to years ago. We miss our favorite thai restaurant in San Diego, Saffron. Chef Su-Mei Yu has a photo of her with Martha Stewart in the restaurant. I always used to think - oh wow! She worked with Martha! Hee hee hee I'll have my own photo to put up in my space ...giggle giggle! After dinner, we may even enjoy an after dinner drink at a bar down the street called the Daley Double Saloon. We've always thought that was such a great name for a bar. Gosh - a real night out! What a treat! Happy Saturday!

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