Friday, April 20, 2007

ain't life sweet?

"That it will never come again
Is what makes life so sweet."
Emily Dickinson

Just a quote from my tea bag. Makes me think about the kids (and the kid messes and the kid tantrums and all those kid questions - "But why? But why? But why?"). Yes it's hard (difficult, frustrating), but this is it. As soon as this is over I'm sure I'll miss it. And that's what makes life so sweet. That, and candy...

Something I put together for the Fred Flare Next Big Thing call for entries. I love this website. And I love seeing the winners every year. Last year I submitted a wooden cupcake. I know there are so many more groovy and interesting people out there - but I can't help but try to be cool and hip. For weeks I've been trying to think of something to create for an entry. This idea occurred to me yesterday as I was filling up a Pez dispenser. (By the way, is there an easy way to fill up those things? Occasionally I'll get lucky and unwrap the roll in such a way that I'm able to grab the whole stack between my fingers and slide them into the dispenser. But most of the time I take more time putting them in one-by-one than it takes for my son to gobble them up two-by-two.) I was thinking about how unique the shape of each Pez is, how unforgettable the taste. Every time I'm filling that Pez dispenser up, I'm thinking about all the dispensers from my childhood. The santa dispensers in the stockings, the chick in the easter basket, the snoopys, the scooby dos and the hello kitties. Sometimes I wish I still had them all - as if there isn't already enough collecting in my life. Maybe I should start a box for all my son's Pez. When he turns 20 I'll wrap them all up in a big box along with a case of Pez candy.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow! LOVE them both!!!