Friday, April 06, 2007

sweet bunny sweet folks

Aren't sweet peas the sweetest? And how about this little guy I needle felted the other night while watching Lost? I had so much fun making her - I think I'm addicted to needle felting now. Only problem is, there just aren't enough hours in the day for another project. This is one that will have to be reserved for TV nights on the couch. I caught Jenn Docherty's (also known as sparrowgoods)appearance on Martha last week. I'd been wanting to needle felt little critters for so long, and Jenn's Easter critters inspired this little bunny. Now she just needs a decent pedestal - maybe a needle felted Easter egg?

I want to thank EVERYONE for all your nice comments and e-mails. I hope to respond to each and every one as soon as I can. The response is overwhelming. I love it! There have been so many suggestions, lots of compliments and tons of support. You all know how nervous I was about watching the show - how completely insecure I was. I'm so relieved that it finally aired and I no longer have to worry that my voice was too soft, that I rushed through all my steps and that I didn't interact with Martha. I think the only thing that makes me cringe is that nervous laughter of mine. But I suppose I do tend to giggle more than necessary. It's just my nature, I guess. Oh well...better than frowning or walking around with a furrowed brow.

Now I'm off to the task of responding to e-mails, working on orders and thinking about the new projects I've been wanting to develop but that have been pushed to the back burner in the past week or so of updating the website (those silk screened T-shirts!). It's so exciting to have so many orders. I love packaging my things off and sending them out into the world. Maybe the fact that all these things sit in my hands for some amount of time being stitched, sewn or painted makes them extra special to me.

Time to fix my cup of coffee and get to work. I've got Easter cupcakes to make (making mini, bite-sized cupcakes because my son usually just ends up eating all the icing off big cupcakes - so the thought occurred to me that if they're bite-size he may just very well pop the whole thing into his mouth instead of meticulously eating all the frosting). I've got a sandy floor to sweep (rolled up pants came inside yesterday from the sandbox with a concealed load of sand). I've got booties to make, goodie bags to sew and paintings to finish. Big day!

Thanks again everyone. Yesterday was a great day for me. As my husband keeps saying, I'm a "TV Supastar"!!!

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BLoNotJLo said...

You seemed very natural on TV and I didn't even notice any giggles. Great job to the local gal!