Friday, April 27, 2007

weekend plans

More paintings. I thought I'd like to do commissioned work a whole lot more than I actually am. It's too stressful. I worry so much about whether or not it's what they had in mind, if they'll like it or if they'll hate it and be sorry they even bothered. The painting I posted the other day, in fact, was rejected. At first it made me mad and then it made me sad and now I just realize the problems that can arise from commissioned work. She didn't like the knot in the wood. I like it. I like that you can see the wood grain and the natural imperfections. But, to each his own. I think I'll hesitate before taking on any more custom work. I prefer to just do my thing and have people buy 'em if they like 'em. [Edit: okay, just received an e-mail from the mom who ordered these paintings and she loves them. Got my confidence back!]

Looking forward to a lot of activities this weekend. Tomorrow there's a Japanese Flower Festival at our local buddhist temple. Lived here practically my whole life and I only just recently discovered that there even was a buddhist temple nearby. I'd love to catch the drumming performances. Also Saturday a co-worker of my husband's leaves on his boat for a trip around the world. We may catch the sending off at the docks festivities. Then on Sunday it's off to the ballpark! Padres vs. the Dodgers. (Trevor's not on the DL, is he? I want to hear those bells) Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack...

Happy weekend all!

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Josie said...

Wow...I didn't even realize people had the option of rejecting something they commissioned unless it was damaged or had major flaws. That's kind of a bummer.

For the record, my coworker still talks about the pillows you made for her and uses them all the time!

And that canvas bag you gave me about a year ago? I still use it every week- to the store, to my race this morning, to run's so durable and unique and I love it!