Wednesday, April 04, 2007

our colorful kid

I've written enough "bad mommy" stories to make you all wonder about my parenting abilities. But to show that I actually am a pretty darn good mother, let me explain what I did for breakfast yesterday. You see, we're in that three-year-old phase where we consider ourselves lucky to get anything into our little guy's tummy. "I don't like that!" We hear that a lot now, even though he does very much, in fact, like that. So when the little boy woke up yesterday asking for red pancakes, I jumped right to it. Yes folks, RED pancakes. Maybe it was a mistake to whip up those green pancakes a few weeks ago for St. Patrick's Day. Now he's going to be asking for pancakes every color of the rainbow. These came out a little closer to hot pink, but I didn't hear any complaints. He gobbled up eight of these mini cakes! Red Pancakes, the new breakfast of champions, or at least for our little champ, that is.

Since I'm on the topic of three-year-olds, I'd like to share some of the phrases the husband has been teaching our son. My favorite, which popped out of nowhere this morning is, "Snap!" Every child should be taught, "Oh Snap!" And in trying to avoid bad language, my husband and I have converted our exclamations to those used by Thomas and Friends. "Sh*t!" becomes "Bust my buffers!" and "D*mn it" becomes "Bother!". My son walks around the park shouting, "bother!" every time another kid is using something he wants to play with. Another favorite - "Watchu talkin bout Willis?" I love it that my son breaks out singing Tiny Bubbles whenever we blow bubbles and Baby it's Cold Outside whenever we talk about chilly weather. My husband has been working on Me and my Shadow as well as Summertime. Oh, and his very favorite song? For the Longest Time by Billy Joel, which he simply calls "the happy song". "Please you play the happy song???" Yep - unconventional in every single way and I love it. But that's not me, that's my husband. I just sit back and love it. Me, I'm the red pancake sort. Colorful parenting literally and figuratively.

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