Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A - B - Cs of craft fairs

These are some hand-painted letter blocks left over from a failed craft fair project a few years back. See, I thought people would love to buy these blocks to spell out their kids' names. But I guess it's just me. I think I sold, maybe, five. So after that I assembled all the letters I had into different words to make signs - "Prince" - "Fat Cat" - "Kiss" - "Imagine" - etc. They sold slightly better at the next fair. Come to think of it, I've got a bunch left. I just might photograph them all and then sell them for $3 a pop just to clear them out. Yes, I will. Check back again tomorrow if you're at all interested. It just goes to show - you never can tell what will do well. I guess that's why all these big companies spend big bucks on marketing research and analysis. Well, at least I still had a lot of letters left to spell out F - I - N - N. It just wouldn't be fair to only have R - O - B - B - I - E on the door. (I'm determined to not let my second kid feel like a second kid)

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