Thursday, April 05, 2007

ms. martha & me

Don't forget!
Today is the day!
If you miss the show, you can watch it online:
click HERE for BIBS
click HERE for BOOTIES
~~BIG smile~~


Anonymous said...

Great Job!!

Anonymous said...

I live in Minnesota, I just saw you on Martha, great job! Your creations are so adorable and creative. Keep up the great work and keep crafting alive!

Nancy said...

Absolutely adorable items!
I watch Martha everday...boy was I surprised when she introduced you and mentioned Vista. I grew up in Oceanside, raised my children in Vista and now live in Escondido. Can't wait to try the bib for my new grandson - Sean Patrick. Thanks for sharing these cute baby things.

Anonymous said...

Your designs are beautiful!! It was fun to see you on Martha. Thanks for sharing. I am a stay at home mom too, who also loves crafting!
p.s. I love the red pancakes!

Amber said...

I watched you on Martha...great job! I like it!

michelle said...

I saw Martha today, which I normally don't catch, but I'm glad today was an exception. Your designs are adorable! I wish you the best of luck with your business and your family!

BLoNotJLo said...

Congrats on a local girl getting on Martha! Lovely products and you did a great job. And having a 2 week old to boot! Looking forward to seeing your grown up t-shirts soon!

Josie said...

Just left a semi-rambling message on your machine, but here's what I wanted to tell you... But first, I have to tell you that even though I asked Roy 5-6 to make sure he set it to tape (which did, the first time I asked 2 months ago), he forgot it was TODAY. So he happenned to be flipping through the channels when it was on and nearly crapped himself when he saw you! I was on the phone in the office when he caught it and he came tearing down the hall calling my name and excitedly beckoning to me to come watch. Okay, so back to the thought-

1. You were on the show for a LONG time!!! Much longer than I expected...awesome! Even Roy kept saying "She got to do TWO projects!"

2. You did not look nervous AT ALL-you were calm, chatty, engaging, your voice never cracked, no shaky hands...nothing! (I speak in front of dozens of people each month and my voice STILL CRACKS.)You were very, very natural, and you were still calm and collected enough to give mad props to man of the house and your boys!

3. I cracked up when Martha joked that she couldn't stand those binder clips in her office. I agree with her- they are bulky, but A) I don't have the influence to ban them, and B) They really are great clips!!! Irreplacable!

4. She said your designs were 'whimsical'!!! I wonder if she'd perused your webpage or that was just the word she chose? Kinda neat either way!

5. There is a reason I nearly flunked architectural drawing in 7th grade (thank god for Leilani Murray!)- because I cannot believe you had the ability to create that pattern for the booties!!!

So once again, congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear what Robbie made of all this!

Sherry said...

I just watched the Martha show and immediatly went to your site. I am so glad you gave it on the air!! Your designs are beautiful. You are on my blogroll and I cant wait to see when you post!!

Jessica said...

I just saw the show!! It aired at 1:35 a.m. here!?! I have no idea why...but I'm glad I remembered to dvr it.

You did such an amazing job -- so calm and perfectly paced. IT was obvious Martha loved your designs. I'm sure you'll be busy with orders.

Great job, and I love that the boys got a shout out. The whole fam is famous. Great job!!!

ps. What was up with the guy and the yellow crayons? :)

Ronnie J Schultz said...

awesome segment
I enjoyed seeing you and your crafts so very much. Thank you.
Ronnie in NYC