Wednesday, August 03, 2005

a little bit of this & a littla that

hawaiian clouds, beach, magnolia bloom, ocotillo, box of japanese cookies...among other things



These are just some random picture files I had. Think I need a shot of ginseng or a couple dozen Red Bulls to get me back in production mode. I've been spending a lot of time gardening - which is good because the yard really needs it and it's nice to be creating some comfortable outdoor spaces for ALL that extra time we have for just hanging out in the garden (ha ha). Maybe I should snap a few pictures of all the work I'm doing outside to post here. Then perhaps I'll start to feel like I'm actually accomplishing something.
Something I read last week was absolutely 100% spot on:
"We've been experiencing some technical difficulties around
here, not the least of which is my inability to function at all in the
heat. I've seen that others in the blog community share this
problem. Let's just say it puts a big sweaty damper
my creativity and good spirit. "
and then a few days later she wrote:
" I admit I was in a a bit of a funk this past week,
brought on by the heat, various technical problems,
and just the day-to-day struggles of parenting. "
Ah yes, the "day-to-day struggles of parenting". I understand that all too well. As well as the "big sweaty damper" on my creative well-being. And since this post is already such a grab-bag of bits-n-pieces, here's another line from Realtoads:
"Adulthood crept in behind my back and set up
camp at some point. I didn't martial the forces of abstraction
and whimsy and fight to preserve my happy-go-lucky
youthful spirit--I just kind of settled in and let it happen."
I'm always telling my husband that I need to pull it together, stop wasting time, do something with my life. And he "harumphs" me and tells me that chasing a kid around all day and keeing this house working like a machine on top of trying to squeeze in some hours of drafting isn't exactly the equivalent of me sittin' on the couch, eating bon-bons and watching the soaps. I know. I know. But I'm still not satisfied. But I suppose that's a good thing...because where would I be if I WERE completely satisfied with my accomplishments? Bored? Probably. And that's something I can say with conviction - I'm definitely NOT bored!

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