Monday, December 18, 2006

bazbiz recap + recovery

As promised, here's one shot of the holiday decor around the house. Still want to make those felt christmas trees before I photograph the whole village. And yes, yes, yes, the holiday baking has begun! I've got a very ambitious list of cookies to bake this week. I'm assembling cookie bowls for my husband to give to his co-workers, cookie boxes to send out to some friends and family and cookie boxes we'll give to the extended family on Christmas eve. The official list is as follows:

Sunday was very relaxing. It was a nice feeling to have BazBiz behind me. Saturday was very successful - lots of crowds, lots of sales. Mostly though, I really enjoyed just being there around people who like to do what I do and people who appreciate people who do what I do. Good vibes all around. It's a shame that I haven't found a venue like that down here in San Diego. There just doesn't seem to be the same kind of appreciation for the crafting movement. I think most people around here think of "arts and crafts" as some little hobbie and look at arts and crafts fairs as a way to get screaming deals on handmade items. And that's a shame. (I recognize that it's wrong of me to make such a blanket statement on all of San Diego - I know there are pockets where creativity is truly recognized and appreciated. I just have yet to find them!)

The day went by really fast. That shows you what kind of crowds the event drew. Most times there are huge lulls in the crowd throughout the day - but not on Saturday. And the rain even held back till Saturday night. It was actually very beautiful leaving L.A. While we complained that most freeway entrances in L.A. are located off side streets that aren't well marked, we enjoyed our round-about-way through downtown of getting back on the I-5. Wet streets reflecting the lights and a crisp, clean look to the city. Everything looks so pretty after a good rain, doesn't it? I was so happy to get a real good rain Sunday morning. Real rain! Turn-your-sprinklers-off kind of rain. Bring-the-dog-in kind of rain. It cleared up pretty fast by mid-morning, but that just made for the kind of after-rain beauty I'm talking about. Clouds parted, sun came out and everything just glistened. But, like I said, it was such a huge relief to have a day without anything to do - so I think my outlook on everything was just a little bit brighter than in the previous few weeks where I've been walking around mumbling to myself, "Got to do this, got to do that, OH, and can't forget this!"

It's another beautiful day today. Baking shall continue. My biggest problem right now is that cookies keep disappearing. Hmmm...weren't there 6 cookies cooling on that rack? Wait a minute - what is this stepstool doing here? Take a peak in the living room, and sure enough am met with a guilty giggle. I'm running out of high places to put all these cookies! Need to run out for more molasses (Giant Ginger Cookies). Can't believe I've gone through an entire bottle of molasses!

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karin said...

Somehow I have stumbled upon your blog through someother blog.... I was laughing when I read your comment about San Diego. Yes....You can make a blanket statement. Because it's so true. By the way I am also from San Diego, so I feel very qualified to make the statement! I was just thinking about that the other day when I keep seeing all these awesome craft fairs that are held in different cities. Nothing like that here.

Your stuff is wonderful. So cute and original.

Karin aka