Friday, December 01, 2006

christmas on my mind

Here are a couple of the mini pillows I mentioned working on. They're about 9" x 9". I think they're cute, but let's see how they do - let them have their day in them up the flagpole see if anyone salutes...

I was delighted to have a morning of rain on Monday. Then it cleared up and the air is pretty dry once again. The temperature has stayed down though - we even turn on the heater at night! (I'd never survive in Fargo or Buffalo or Detroit) It would be nice to have a little more weather though. It's December afterall. I know I can't have a white Christmas, but how 'bout a misty one? Just a little moisture in the air to make my skin stop itching. I think the decorations definitely have to come out this weekend. I'll wait one more weekend for the tree (this dry air would certainly turn those needles brown before Christmas day), but the remaining decorations can come down from their dusty spot in the garage rafters. I'm inspired to set up my little Christmas village by yet another magnificent post by Posie. Question is...where to put it where 3-year-old hands won't disturb it. I'm starting to get flashbacks of last year...after a week I believe I started packing up all the decorations...2-year-old hands were into everything...I was so depressed! Maybe this year will be different? Well, I'll give it a good Christmas try.

I must admit, I've been lingering around the fake Christmas trees I see in the stores. They look so real these days! I like the idea of not sacrificing a poor little tree every year, but what keeps me from getting a fake tree is depriving my son of the memory of that fresh Christmas tree smell. I wish they had something like a pole with holes that fills with water so you could stick branches here and there - making your own tree from all those leftover pieces. It'd probably be tough to make it look decent though. Are you picturing a Charlie Brown Christmas tree? Yeah, so am I. Maybe I'll wait till the kids are 12 before getting a fake tree. Let that smell permeate their little memories.

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