Wednesday, December 13, 2006

works s-l-o-w-l-y in progress

As I mentioned previously, I'm putting the finishing touches on a handfull of projects this week in lieu of Saturday's Bazaar Bizarre in L.A. Above are a couple completed paintings.

In between shows, I hang all my paintings in our bedroom. I like seeing them all together, and that's just about the only room left in this house with wall space. A few weeks ago I sat and actually looked at them (you know, instead of glancing in that general direction when I see the cat out of the corner of my eye or staring at the wall thinking about the day before rolling out of bed - actually and truly looked at them) and discovered that most of what I have up there are all paintings with cats ...which means, I'm not selling the cats. The giraffes, always sell. Everyone comments on the elephants. Pigs are popular because of the whole "when pigs fly" thang. But rabbits and cats? Not so much. Think I'll stop painting cats and rabbits for awhile.

Not sure what it is - got to be something to do with being pregnant (I love being able to explain everything away with the pregnancy) - but I'm totally not stressed about Saturday's event. Sure there are still a million things I'd like to get done for the show, but I know and accept that some of them will have to be thrown out the window - either that or come Saturday, once the day is nearly over, I'll think to myself, "Oh yeah, I totally wanted to make (fill in the blank)." It's awesome how even keel I am. Every other time in my life, before an event, I have a list a mile long, I'm up till 2am every night the entire week before and I'm desperately trying to carve out more time during the day. This week, though, I just wander through my projects, enjoying each step, humming as I move along. So if you see me on Saturday and my table isn't quite as full as everyone elses, well, that's why. Guess my body's slightly consumed with growing a baby and artsy craftsy comes second.

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