Friday, December 08, 2006

a perfect treat

One of my favorite sweets in the whole entire world is the black and white cookie from New York City. I'm the luckiest girl alive because last night my husband brought back a bag of them after a day of meetings in the city. (and we live in CA, so a day of meetings in NYC is no small task) I was dozing away on the couch when my son decided it was time for us to have our cookies. He pushed a chair up to the refrigerator, placed a box on top of the chair and climbed up to reach the cookies I'd put up high to keep out of his reach. (!) He woke me from my slumber with a huge grin upon his face, "One for me and one for you!"

I think he loves these cookies as much as I do. The past two years we've made the trip back east with my husband - but this trip was last minute and only for a day so we didn't get to go this time round. But last year, my son and I ate several of these monster cookies during our jaunts about the city. I even attempted to make them shortly after our last visit. They were good, but not spectacular. I'm not sure which side I like better. The white glazing goes so good with the hint of lemon in the cookie while the black side tastes so much like a chocolaty glazed donut. I suppose you don't have to pick a favorite. That's why they're both there afterall together in harmony ...meeting in the middle ...yin and yang. I think the biggest problem is that it's very hard for me to finish one in a single sitting. Always have a small morsel left over for later. But I guess that's not really a problem now, is it? Now that my son is running around the kitchen doing his happy cookie dance, I suppose it's time to go outside and let him burn some of this energy.

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Christine said...

I too was devistated by news of the Kims. The past two weeks of my life have been a blur but I heard a report on NPR yesterday. And yes, there are terrible things happening every day all over the world. When a cerebral accident happened to my boyfriend of 11 years two weeks ago, all I can wonder is how the rest of the world can go on. I've been reading your blog since I linked to it from the Lost Hawaiian ages ago and then became a fan of the Known Universe through your link. Not too technical myself, I was quite surprised that I created a blog for my friend Mark when it became difficult to continually update his friends and family via email. Here is a link to my blog