Friday, December 08, 2006

in memory

The past couple days have been difficult for me following the news about James Kim. In fact, after hearing the news I had to close my internet browser, avoid channel surfing and any news reports - a fast from the hourly updates I've been seeking for the past couple weeks since first hearing the story of the Kim family. Of course, the story isn't nearly as devastating as it would be if the entire family had been lost. It is so heartwarming to learn all that Kati and James did for their two daughers. Parents of the year award?

Here is a very nice tribute to James Kim.

The Kim family has a website where you can offer support if you're able to.

James and Kati have been strong supporters of the indie craft movement through their two stores in San Francisco, Doe and Church Street Apothecary. It's only appropriate that efforts to provide some support and affection for Kati should come from folks like these:

A Bird in the Hand is organizing an Art + Craft Fundraiser
Susie at Boygirlparty is gathering items for a Handmade Gift Basket

I know that everyday there are terrible things that happen out there in this big bad world. Why this one little story touched so many is hard to say. All I know is this - I'm hugging my husband extra tight, I have more patience for my son's trouble-making and I'm appreciating the little things more than I have in a really long time.

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Anonymous said...

I think what touched me about the Kim story was the realization that what he did was something that our own husbands would have done in a heartbeat. That his loving, brave and noble gesture ended so tragically left me feeling so vulnerable. It pains me that the renewed appreciation I feel for my own husband had to come at the expense of his life. At times like these, I hope and pray there is a heaven.