Thursday, December 28, 2006


Of course there was more baking to be done - all in all I think I baked for nearly five days straight before christmas day - baked to the point of exhaustion. Presents to wrap, a trip to see Santa and family gatherings to attend. Now that it's all over I'm left wondering how I had the energy to do any of it at all. Day after christmas was a complete loss. Woke up late, then took a snooze on the couch after breakfast. Once the house was empty, I took another nap (this one a long one). These kind of afternoon naps always hit me hard with the strangest dreams - similar to a fever-induced sleep. I kept dreaming that I woke up and was going about my regular routine - or not, as one dream where I couldn't open my eyes or speak had it. In another, I was driving, only I knew I couldn't really be awake so I was swerving on purpose and trying to crash as if to prove this were all only a dream. Needless to say, it was a strange, sleepy day for me. I think the dreams during that nap only exhausted me more! It honestly took me 24 hours to recover from the week leading up to christmas eve and day. Yesterday I was slightly more enthusiastic to be alive and today it's even better. Let's just say I've learned my lesson. Next year I'm picking ONE cookie recipe and ONE cookie recipe only. My ambitious cookie baking scheme was, admittedly, too much. But the cookie boxes came together nicely and while I wasn't able to mail one to each and every long distance friend and relative, those I did give them to seemed very pleased. Wish I had a couple clones so I could have baked up boxes for every one of you out there. (I'd need them to be clones because no one else is insane enough to dedicate this much time to cookie baking) I don't know, maybe all this busy work leading up to christmas was a good thing because I'm not left sitting here feeling sad and depressed that another holiday season has come and gone - a feeling I usually spend the next week sulking over. I am thrilled to know it's over. Happy that I nearly accomplished everything I set out to do, pleased that I'm not sitting here guilt-stricken for having forgotten somebody and ready to move on to the new year. I'm anxious to start a new calendar . . . a clean slate. Ready to list my resolutions and start 2007 with a positive outlook. Looking forward to cleaning out the clutter, organizing, new projects and a fresh new batch of creativity. Hope everybody else out there had a wonderful christmas and is recovering (finally!) like I am. The new year is only a couple days away! Double aught seven, here we come!

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