Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i need to do me some readin'

One of the stories that caught my ear on NPR today was about the Penguin Classics Complete Library made up of 1,082 titles. You can hear the story for yourself HERE. Then it hit me...I NEVER read. Sure I read books here and there. (the book I just finished was Ya-Ya's In Bloom by Rebecca Wells...yes...those infamous "devine" ya-yas) I call these kind of books, "vacation books". Unfortunately, all I've been doing year-round lately is reading "vacation books". So I'm really intrigued by this list of classics. Granted, it's a collection put together by a publishing company hoping to make an extra buck off naive twurps like me -'s a good start anyway. HERE is the complete list of books that made it to the Penguin Classics Complete Library. No, I do not intend to spend $7,989.50 to purchase the complete 700 pound volume (oh, but shipping is FREE! - what a deal!). But I do intend to make it my lifetime goal to make it through that list. #1 on the list is Adam Bede by George Eliot. I shall make it so! Hey...there are worse things I could do!

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