Tuesday, August 09, 2005

they're starting to buzzzz

I like how these little guys look hovering in this tree. Makes me think that my drawings are coming alive! I'm working my way, one by one, through all 5 boggies. The end goal is to arrange them together in a mobile. Not completely happy with the rabbit - so that one may take some reworking. But the first 2 (elephant & giraffe) just came out right the first time! They were just meant to be little felt stuffies. I used a felting needle to work the wool yarn into the wings. I'll have to take a close up picture some time to show you what I mean. I'm wondering if I should add some shimmering sequins to the wings...or would that just make it look tacky?
In other news...I got my first SAMPLER package yesterday! How exciting is that? So much fun. Made me feel like I was 10-years old again and getting my first mail order parcel. I had this book (like I'm sure most everyone did in the pre-internet days) that had all these things you could send away for for less than $1. I'm racking my brain now...can't even remember what you sent away for. Oh! I remember one thing - you could send away for a free paper making kit. What came back was this cheep little mesh screen that you were supposed to dunk under water filled with shredded tissue paper. I don't think I ever got that thing to work quite right. It would be years later before I mastered that technique. One summer I went through nearly page of that book hoping I'd get something in the mail each and every day. I was a mail order machine! Remember when you used to be able to save Bazooka gum wrappers and send away for little trinkets? I once sent away for a string of pearls. I even wore those to a Homecoming dance once I was in high school. But then the paint on those "pearls" started peeling off and now what sits in my jewelry box is a string of plastic beads. Can't get myself to throw them out though. Oh the joy they brought me when they arrived via the post! My Sampler package takes the cake though. So many wonderful treasures! I will work on photographing its contents to share with everyone.

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