Saturday, August 20, 2005

like i know i shouldn't like be watching this...but...?

Yes! Just turned on the tube to find that Laguna Beach...The REAL OC is on. Oh God! How pathetic does this make me? It's got to be a symptom of all those years watching Beverly Hills 90201 (aka "bev hills niner" in this household). What is it about watching pretty little rich kids have fits over showing up in the same designer trucker hat as their arch nemesis? I recently started watching this show for the first time. So I've missed quite a bit. I don't know who's dating who or who hates who. I honestly don't even know everyone's name. But watching this show has a way of taking me out of my world. Good for those moments when you want to veg out. Which isn't what I should be doing today. It's a drop dead gorgeous day out for heaven's sake! Ok. I won't figure out who is pissed because that blond chick is sending flirty text messages to that tall guy. We'll have to save that for another waste-away day. Have a nice weekend you pretty little things.

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Roy said...

I am not one to even talk. I am somewhat of a reality show junkie. I almost wrote a blog about all the crap I watch, but have left it in the 'edit post' category for absolute fear that I will be outted as a complete and total dork. But believe me, while I have managed to avoid "The Real OC," I am currently religiously watching Big Brother, Rock Star - InXS, The Real World - Austin, Hogan Knows Best, Brat Camp, Tommy Lee goes to College, and Dog the Bounty Hunter. So you go on with your Laguna Beach. If for no other reason than to see how completely ridiculous they are. And to be thankful that we all are not there anymore.