Wednesday, August 10, 2005

hey - recycle that!

I realize that some of you may be starting to think that the only thing on my mind these days is the SAMPLER because here is yet another entry about it (and, well, let's just say that the Sampler is ONE of the several only things on my mind lately). But I've been mulling over what I could make for my next contribution - and as one fellow contributer so poignantly is indeed addicting and I've only done it once! While throwing ideas back in forth in my head, I kept coming up with things that don't necessarily refelct what I'm trying to do with Out of the Box*California and, more precisely, the Buzzing Bog. Then it hit me...why should it? And it occurred to me...use this as a platform for doing something completely different. And so...I will be introducing a new element of Out of the Box:

Out Of The Box california
* R e c y c l e d *

This is my second contribution in the works. And if you haven't put two and two together yet - here's the deal: my contributions will be fun projects where I create objects from everday, common bits. I've always been fascinated with re-using interesting materials in a new and original way. I wish I had a picture of the CD shelf I made from the throw-away cardboard tubes that paper was held on in the architecture firm where I used to work. Why throw good material like that away? Seems I have boxes and containers all over the house filled with little bits that I was incapable of throwing away. Now they'll be put to use! And when that supply runs next favorite medium source...Home Depot! Love walking through those aisles imagining different uses for hardware, pipes and other supplies aimed at construction not crafting. I'm going to put together a new little page on the site and really have some fun with this endeavor. Now I have to get to work on those corks. Only ten days until I need to submit to the Sampler! I'll be sure to show a sneak peak soon.

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Josie said...

Dawn...LOVE the new design for the Out of the Box Recycled. Somehow you chose just the right colors. They evoke creativity, yet 'earth friendliness.'

Unfortunately, I am Mother Earth Public Enemy #1. Where you are conscientiously saving little scraps and reusable items, I am obsessively throwing them away. In my pitiful defense, I was this way from birth. I was the obsessive 5-year old who had to line everything up on her sheves to face front (I could have had a future stocking shelves at Ralphs). I was also the troubled child who had to redo her entire homework paper if I erased too hard and ripped a small hole in the paper (this was obviously pre-Sanrio eraser days...since we all know Hello Kitty erasers rocked in comparison to the red rubber erasers).

Anyway, I am excited to see what you'll come up with on the new venture!