Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I will call you if anyone anywhere gets drunk

I’m sitting here watching the movie “Almost Famous” for what is probably at least the 20th time. Don’t know what it is about this movie. Comforting.

Maybe it’s because part of it was filmed in San Diego? In the beginning I see bits and pieces of what is supposed to be a sixties S.D. and it makes me smile. (I want to be a groupie, sorry…”band-aid”…at the sports arena!)

Maybe it’s because the director, Cameron Crow, came from S.D. and really became something? This is the almost-to-true life story of his being a writer for Rolling Stone when he was in high school.

Maybe it’s because I remember when they were filming downtown? At that time my husband (then boyfriend) and I had just moved in together and I had my first “real” job.

[“Iggy Pop…A Men!] ~ lines from the movie popping out

As I was saying…My husband would drive me to work because his big gas-guzzling car wasn’t guaranteed to make it. We’d drive through downtown and see the signs that read, “Untitled” with a big arrow pointing one way or another. Having just come from finishing school in Los Angeles (completing school, that is, not Finishing School…ha), I knew these signs were pointing movie crews to their filming locations. And, my husband (being the film buff who is always in tune with what’s going on) knew Cameron Crow was filming a movie that was at the time being referred to as “Untitled”. We’d see these people walking around wearing brown polyester suits and sideburns and big ol’ shades…total seventies style.

[“It’s just an industry of cool…The war is over, they won. And 99% of what passes for rock-n-roll these days…silence is more compelling.”]

It just makes me happy thinking of those mornings. Driving in together and starting off the day laughing. Spending my lunch hour walking around hoping I’d catch a glimpse of what we were sure was going to be a great movie.

Or maybe it’s just because it was a time when sex, drugs and rock-n-roll was in. God…what a time that must have been.

[“Your guitar sound is incendiary!”]

This movie just can’t get old with me. Kate Hudson as “Pennylane” is the girl I wish I could have been but know I never could. I want to know who the REAL Pennylane is. Is she/was she real? What happened to her? She’s probably not Nancy Wilson, so that means William Miller didn’t end up with Pennyland…which in my Hollywood brainwashed mind is exactly how I want to think things ended up.

[“It’s not what you put into it, it’s what you leave out. Listen to Marvin Gaye…the song ’What’s Happening’…there’s a single ‘wooo’ at the end of the second verse. You know that ‘wooo’, that single ‘wooo’? That’s what you remember. The little things. The silly things. The mistakes. That’s what you remember!”]

Okay. I could sit here quoting the movie all afternoon and into the night. But it’s time to wake the munchkin up from his nap. Time for me to clean up. Time to try to catch up with the laundry. Because, alas, I am not a “band-aid” and my life is not a rock concert. Just one more from Penny...

["I always tell the girls to never take it seriously. If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt. And if you never get hurt, you're always having fun. And if you ever get lonely, you just go to the record store and visit your friends."]

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